For the Monini brand, one of the global leaders in the olive oil market, we have created a communication platform called “For the love of an oil”. The platform has been successfully implemented in many European countries.

The platform in an authentic and simple way tells the story of the Monini family’s unique approach to work and their products.
It was visualized by a hand-drawn claim “For the love of an oil” that perfectly fits into the brand philosophy.

The platform creates a distinct brand image and helps to understand its USP: “Love for oil in the Monini family is passed down from generation to generation, so you give the best to those you love.”

Communication in Social Media.

“For the love of an oil” is a story that we also create in Social Media. It endows the brand with authenticity and at the same time engages consumers. The inspiring nature of “love for an oil” was also demonstrated by activities executed with our Instagram influencers.

The platform also distinguishes the Monini brand at points of sale, creating an integrated and coherent message.

An image campaign in the largest Polish radio stations complemented the “For the love of an oil” activities.