You only get one chance to make a first impression which is why we have taken care of a comprehensive launch of the Advanced Protection Systems brand – a leading manufacturer of anti drone systems. We are responsible for the APS brand and key sub-brand in terms of positioning and communication strategy: its name, logo, website design and development, as well as all marketing materials.

Naming and logo.

The challenge was to create a brand name for anti drone solutions that will be universal and easy to understand at the international level, but at the same time will clearly position the product. Importantly – the client wanted to stand out among competing brands, i.e. “guardians, protectors or angels”. This is how CTRL+SKY was created.


The CTRL+SKY website was to be useful for potential customers and investors in the first place. That is why we have taken a “mobile first design” approach, and focused on the site readability and user-friendliness. The website was created in stages: including the establishment of the information architecture and paths of use, a testing phase, and final works: graphic designs and website development.

We are also responsible for the company’s marketing materials that effectively help to attract both – the customers and investors.